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Photography by Lambert has been a fixture in the Washington D.C. and Mid-Atlantic area for over 14 years, but now put up roots in the Western Part of North Carolina. Starting with catalog photography for small local online vendors to Corporate Portraiture for publications and annual reports.

In 2006 we made the move to shooting Weddings and Family portraits and allowed the commercial services to fall by the way side. But in 2012 as we made the transition from portraits and weddings, we made the decision to return Photography by Lambert to its original business roots and now we are focused on the commercial aspect of today’s photographic needs.

Our goal is to deliver quality catalog and table top photography for merchants who demand a level of quality in their display photography and online catalogs.

Today, many vendors have discovered that photographing their own products for display in a retail environment demands a quality that a simple in store setup cannot deliver. Simple light tents are good for a quick single shot image of a simple product for an online catalog or Ebay. Many merchants are discovering that in order to have an display image that will add impact to the products they are show casing in their stores, demand the quality of commercial photography that only a professional photographer can deliver.

This is where Photography by Lambert can step in. We use the current technology in both lighting and camera optics to produce a finish image that can be used from the most demanding Web Advertisements to Large Outdoor Displays. We offer a stunning variety of in store display options that will rival the quality and impact that today’s high end Department Stores. Whether you’re an artisan who puts on displays at quality craft and artisans shows or a brick and mortar retail vendor, if you are ready to bring your product photography to the next level, then Photography by Lambert should be one of the first photographers to enquire about.

Our photography Studio Rates are competitive and we have a dedicated commercial shooting area that can accommodate small machines if needed. We also feature a full working kitchen for food photography and only use the latest florescent and LED studio lighting. Our upstairs Studio, the mainstay for Lambert Style fine art studios is our main studio for Corporate Portraiture. From standard head shots to Chroma key portraits utilizing digital backgrounds from any location of your choosing.

Our work includes:

Real Estate Interiors and Exteriors

Corporate Portraiture

Hair and Makeup

Model and Actors Head Shots

Small and Large Product photography

Food Photography

Corporate Events and Functions

For more information contact us at 828-242-0731

Our hours are from: 9 AM to 4 PM Wednesday thru Firday.

Projects: Catalog Print and Web

Physical Therapy of Maryland(2011-2011)

We provided Physical Therapy with their Corporate Portraits for both display, handouts and web use.

SOLOREX Corp of Frederick(2011-2011)

Solarex Corporation was a leading Employer in the Frederick Maryland area. The company was purchased by British Petroleum Solar. The work we provided to Solarex was images captured at customer sites installing solar panels for commercial properties.

IBM Informix(2002-2003)

IBM acquired the Informix Corporation and migrated the Informix User community into its fold. One of the biggest projects that I shot for IBM was the Informix User Group Conclave and the open forum for users to voice their concerns..

Martin Tools(2000-2001)

The Martin Tool & Forge a division of Martin Sprocket & Gear, and manufactures a line of quality industrial and automotive hand tools under the brand name of Martin Tools. Based in Ohio, we received a last minute table top assignment to photograph auto body forming hand tools for a undisclosed project.

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Photography by Lambert Starts a New Year

1 January 2014

Photography by Lambert starts in a new direction in photography with a Focus in commercial Photography. Visit our blog for the details

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